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Level Up Youth Sports with Redline Athletics Glen Burnie

By Katy Agro Myers & Lucas Myers

Last year, Lucas expressed an interest in getting stronger and faster. He had played soccer for years, and was interested in trying something new, but was really at a point where he just needed something else to kind of ignite his passion.

I took him to check out Redline Athletics in Glen Burnie and we both loved it! In the few months since Lucas has been going to sessions at Redline, he's become stronger and faster for sure. We could see it on the soccer field for sure. But we could also see it off the field. Lucas' confidence grew by leaps and bounds.

The team at Redline creates an environment for kids to learn - sure, they are getting bigger, faster, and stronger, but they are doing it in a non-competitive way. These kids are from all over the county. They play on opposing teams. They are all different ages. And yet, if you sit in on a session, you can also hear them supporting each other and cheering each other on! The coaches work hard to create this positive environment.

The coaches ensure that the kids have proper form for basics like running - they work on foot movements, weight training, and more. They have testing once a quarter so that kids can actually see the metrics and how much they've improved! They even talk about proper nutrition, water consumption, and the importance of stretching and mobility.

Recently, Lucas started participating in Football Skills (they also offer skills training for Soccer, Baseball, and more) training weekly to get ready for his newest sports interest! It's his first year playing football - and although my mama heart isn't ready for tackling, I know that he is much more prepared for it because of Redline. Check out this week's Football Skills Training:

Take a look at what Lucas has to say about it:

Mom: What do you think you've learned since going to Redline Athletics?

Lucas: How to get stronger and faster, and to work out properly to gain muscle and not get injured.

Mom: What's your favorite thing about Redline?

Lucas: The warm-ups - we stretch and loosen up and get ready to work out. And lifting weights. I LOVE deadlifts.

Mom: What's your favorite thing about Redline?

Lucas: I like Redline because it's a safe spot to learn new things. There's no judgment from other kids or from coaches. Everyone cheers for everyone.

Interested in learning more about Redline Athletics Glen Burnie and their upcoming training? Give them a call! Mention Arundel Kids and receive a FREE Trial Class!

Redline Glen Burnie will be hosting our first 2v2 Tournament on Saturday July 30th at 9:30am!

  • Each team will be allowed a max of 3 players. Athletes can sign up individually or as a team.

  • There will two age groups with 8 teams per age group. Age groups will be 10-12 years old & 13-15 years old. This means that there are only 24 slots per age group so please sign up today!

  • The cost to participate will be $20 per player and it is open to non members as well so tell your friends! You may pay on the day of the event as well.

  • Please fill out the Google form below to register.


  • Registration ends on Monday, July 25th. Brackets, game times and game rules will be sent in on Wednesday July 27th to all participants

My family has received training in exchange for this review, but all of my opinions are my own.



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