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Learn The Love of Music with Mom-Owned Naptown Sings

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Music classes for kids are a wonderful way to introduce children to the world of music. Learning music at an early age has numerous benefits, including improving cognitive development, enhancing creativity, and promoting self-expression. Moreover, music classes offer a fun and engaging way for children to learn key skills such as teamwork, discipline, and perseverance.

Mom-Owned Naptown Sings has some amazing opportunities to introduce and immerse your children in music this fall! Join them for

Pop Kids Glee Clubs Glee Club programs offer more than just a children’s choir experience. Starting with our Elementary (7-11-year-old) Glee Clubs, students choose solos, duets, and trios to work on and perform each session, and receive individual feedback from their singing teacher along the way. Every session ends with a BIG concert at a local venue (or a mini-concert for our pre-glee kids). Our SELECT and ELITE children’s choir groups perform throughout Annapolis, MD at high-profile events, including First Sundays, The Chocolate Binge Festival, Eastport-A-Rockin, The Nextival, Midnight Madness, the Annapolis Grand Illumination Tree Lighting and more. To see the profound effect our kids' singing and music classes have on our students catch us at a gig, or check our Instagram feed for regular videos.- Classes begin next Monday September 11th. You can check it out with a FREE trial class! Click HERE to register today.

Early Music Program They have a goal at Naptown Sings and Plays…to raise your children in music, from their first touch of a tiny instrument, the first time they use their voices musically, through proficiency in their chosen instrument. They want them to be lovers of music, supporters of the arts, and the ones who see the world through the lens of a creative.

Why Musikgarten (Ages 0-3)? These programs are revolutionary. The foundation for a child’s music aptitude, or potential for music learning, is laid in those crucial early years of development. Musikgarten is a holistic, comprehensive, and research-based music learning program that immerses students in music from birth to age 5, by introducing nurturing elements of singing, listening, movement and play. Musikgarten dives deeper than that, with the extramusical benefits of enhancing your little one’s cognitive, social, emotional, motor, impulse control, and language development. Additionally, Musikgarten trains parents to give children quality music experiences at home. Join us to experience the transformative power of early music education.

Music Immersion (Ages 2.5-5) is the next step, the connection from the general experience to the tangible music concepts, all while immersing and inspiring your little one in music.

Pre-Instruments (Ages 4-6) the perfect bridge between Music Immersion and our more specialized offerings of Private Lessons and Glee! This class is for students who are ready to explore instruments, musical concepts, and terms a little more in-depth than what Music Immersion offers, while maintaining the element of fun! (especially weekday musikgarten and music immersion):

Join Naptown Sings September 11-September 15th for Free Trial Week!

Try out one of our Early Music Education Classes or Glee Classes on Us!Do you have a kiddo, preteen, or teenager at home that loves music, but they haven't had a chance to try out a class yet? Click on the class time you are interested in and register for your free trial today!

Naptown Sings offers Virtual and In-Person Private Lessons for Voice, Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Drum, Electric Bass, Irish Whistle, and Songwriting Lessons. Click HERE to learn more.

Musical Birthday Parties: Musical birthday parties are a BLAST, so original, and an experience your children and friends will be talking about for a long time. We hold birthday parties at our studio for children as young as 1, kids of all ages, and even adults (think sip and sing or sip and play)! Click here to see the options and themes available.

Naptown Sings and Plays! is pleased to introduce a need-based scholarship program for students who wish to take lessons and classes, but might not be able to afford them. With the money we have, we will work within your budget to come up with an affordable price and payment plan. Learn more here.



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