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Is your child ready to return to math class in the fall?

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It’s the middle of July and likely one of the last things you are thinking about is your child’s math education.

We interrupt this lovely summer day to share some facts with you:

- The pandemic and its impacts on schools resulted in significant learning loss with math taking a bigger hit that other content areas [1, 2, 3]

o One report found that: “We analyzed assessment data from the Curriculum Associates i-Ready platform and found that students in their sample learned only 67 percent of the math and 87 percent of the reading that grade-level peers would typically have learned by the fall.” “On average, that means students lost the equivalent of three months of learning in mathematics and one-and-a-half months of learning in reading.” [2]

- Math proficiency in the United States is significantly lower than most other countries and we are not gaining in progress [4]

o In 2018, there were 8 education systems with higher average reading literacy scores for 15-year-olds than the United States, 30 with higher mathematics literacy scores, and 11 with higher science literacy scores. [4]

- Math struggles that begin in early elementary school compound each year and make it harder and harder for a child to achieve math success

o “Students in upper elementary school and those transitioning into middle school struggled the most” during the pandemic [3]

- As many as 1 in 5 U.S. adults report severe math anxiety and 67% of teachers reported students’ math anxiety was a challenge. [1]

- The last time many students were in class five days a week for a ‘normal’ school day was over 480 days ago, and the nearly 1.5 years ago

Now that we have your attention--- we have one important question for you: Is your child ready to return to math class in the fall?

We are here to help! We will:

1) Determine your child’s current level of performance, strengths, and challenges and provide you with a detailed summary and consultation free of charge. Simply contact us using the contact information below to schedule a free diagnostic session.

2) Provide individualized programming to help your child plug any gaps that may exist, develop fluency with multiplication facts, shore up grade level expected skills, and gain confidence.

The Summer Math Intensive programs were created to solve these challenges, boost math confidence, and solidify math content, skills, and fluency before students return to school in the fall. Our target audience is rising 4th, 5th, and 6th graders (however, interest in a 7th grade program has been expressed and we are seeking students for it). Our Summer Math Intensive offers two pathways: Fluency and Core Content. Fluency will teach your child the strategies to become completely fluent and automatic with their multiplication facts 0-12. With many years of teaching middle schoolers under our belts, we can tell you with confidence that most middle schoolers are not fluent with their facts. This results in frustration and wrong answers on content such as area, geometry, and all problem solving. It’s time to help your child stop drawing millions of dots or using hashmarks to access information that should be stored in their long term memory and we can do that with them! Core Content focuses on the grade level core content your child should know well and shores up any missing areas or misconceptions. Our diagnostic allows us to know your child’s needs and to plan accordingly.

Sessions are:

- July 19-30 Summer Math Intensive Core Content

- August 2-6 Summer Math Intensive Fluency

- August 9-20 Summer Math Intensive Core Content

For more information:

- To learn more, register, and find discount codes

- Read about the instructors and the Summer Math Intensive in the Severna Park Voice:,34345

- Follow us and message us on Facebook:

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