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Introducing Cool Cards 4 Yards: The Perfect Birthday Surprise!

By Katy Agro Myers

When I found out my due date with the twins was at the end of December, I panicked. Birthdays and Christmas? Please no. When they arrived on December 8th I thought, "whew, I dodged a bullet there! No problem, that's SOOO many days before Christmas." Nope, I'm here to tell you, this is not true. Every year, at the beginning of November, I tell myself it's time to start planning. Then Thanksgiving rolls around, I get caught up in the planning and start to shop for Christmas. BAM! It's December 1st, a week before their birthday and I have nothing to do!

When I asked Avery and Brennan what they wanted to do for their birthday this year, they gave me all the ideas for kids that have summer birthdays: outside pool party, fishing, crabbing. Hey guys, maybe you missed the memo, it's DECEMBER! But of course, I wanted to make it special.

I enlisted the help of Brandee from Cool Cards 4 Yards to put this magnificent sign in our yard to celebrate my boys. Usually the boys run home from school leaving me in the dust but on their birthday, I asked them to please stay with us and walk together. When we got around the bend and they could see our house, Avery looked at me and said, "what is that?" Is that a GIANT sign?" Then he shouted to Brennan, "there's a giant sign in our yard!" They took off running with huge excitement and enthusiasm. They absolutely loved it. I asked them to pose and you can see the hams that they are ;-)

To spread more love and happiness, Cool Cards 4 Yards has launched a new program called Wonderful Wednesdays! Life is tough and we all know someone who is going through it. Starting next Wednesday, Cool Cards 4 Yards will be donating one free sign rental every Wednesday for someone who needs to be lifted up. Know someone who needs a pick me up? Email your submission and background story for the person we need to cheer up.

*Sign placement must be in Pasadena, Severna Park, Millersville, Severn or Glen Burnie Maryland.

***Want to order a sign? Contact Brandee today! Use Promo Code 2Cool20 and receive 20% off any sign order! This is a great exclusive offer for Arundel Kids followers!



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