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I Miss the Snuggles ~ A Note from Katy

By Katy Agro Myers

This week, Brennan had the flu. Sunday night he complained that his spine hurt. Monday morning he woke up with a fever. He spent two days knocked out on the couch. I was bouncing between checking his temperature, virtual meetings, and work. I missed a parent/teacher conference, rescheduled meetings, pivoted from in-person meetings to virtual, and felt frazzled. On Wednesday, Avery woke up and told me that he just couldn't take another day at school without his twin. So I let him stay home too. About an hour later, I may have questioned my sanity. They were WILD! "We don't talk about Bruno" was playing on repeat while I was trying to work, they were giggling and wrestling, and it was pure chaos.

I decided Wednesday afternoon to take a break. To crawl onto the couch with them and just snuggle. The twins are still snuggly with me every morning, but I can see in them the signs that they will be "too old" soon. Brennan gives me a head nod going into school and when he comes out instead of a hug. Avery throws me a peace sign. They think they are too cool for school and their old mom.

It has me missing the days when they cried going into school because they didn't want to be without me. I miss the days when they came running out with such excitement jumping into my arms instead of just throwing their bookbags at me. I know one day soon, I won't be their sun and moon and stars. I'll just be their mom.

So this weekend, I'm going to take some extra time to snuggle. I'm looking forward to a rainy Saturday to curl up with them and love on them. I can still get snuggles from Lucas who's almost 12...but they last milliseconds compared to what I want.

Get you some snuggles this weekend too. Soak in the smells, the warmth of their little bodies next to yours. Fill your heart and mind with the snapshots of these memories.





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