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I'm Ready! Are You? ~ A Note From Katy

By Katy Agro Myers

I have spent the last week in a Florida hotel room - and mostly alone! My husband is in a conference. My kids are with my parents. It's been GLORIOUS.

I've done work. I've read books. I've laid by the pool and got in the hot tub. I've caught up and organized my calendar. I've gotten ahead of my workload so that next week is a little easier. I've recharged. I've relaxed. I've dated my husband. I've reconnected with him.

The routines of this year are going to be different. School times are different. For the first time ever, my kids are playing different sports in different towns. 7th Grade and 3rd Grade - my guess is that they'll both bring their own challenges. One of my boys is a lover of sleep. Establishing our new bedtimes/wake times - well, it's going to be hard. I'm counting on the first 30 days of the school year to be HARD. I'm expecting there will be meltdowns and fights. I'm praying that I have found an unlimited supply of patience down here in FL, but also that I've found a way to give myself grace when I don't. And to give my family grace as we struggle through the changes.

But here's what I'm sure of...I am READY for routines. I'm ready to get us back on a regular schedule. My kids do much better with structure. And if I'm honest, so do I! So here's to the start of school. Here's to the routines. The homework. The packing of lunches. Here's to fall sports and Friday Night Lights. I'm excited for the new beginnings that this year will bring. The chance to try again.

Give yourself grace over the next few weeks. Give your children grace. Our educators and school support staff DEFINITELY need your grace.

And in the meantime - check out how relaxed we look on vacation without our kids ;-)

Happy Back to School!





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