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Hidden Gem Staycation in Annapolis

Before the COVID pandemic started, my husband and I loved to travel. We love experiencing new places with our children, but we know that having time without our children allows us to connect. We've definitely been feeling the travel bug, so we were delighted to grab a night away last Friday evening.

I have lived in Anne Arundel County my whole life. I have frequented Annapolis throughout my adult years. My mind was blown this weekend when my husband and I were #hosted at Gibson's Lodging of Annapolis. I never knew this hidden gem existed! Now, I can't wait to stay again!

Here are my top 5 reasons you should stay at Gibson's Lodging of Annapolis:

  • Location, location, location. Just steps from City Dock, Gibson's convenient location allowed for us to walk to all of our favorite restaurants and hot spots. At the end of the evening, we strolled to the edge of City Dock to watch the sunset and the magnificent boats. Backing up to the USNA, during our morning walk, we heard the National Anthem being broadcast while the flag was being raised.

  • Gibson's Lodging of Annapolis is absolutely adorable. From its perfectly appointed courtyards to the gardens lining the parking area. The interiors of the buildings reflected both the history of the old homes as well as the comfort of every guest.

  • Parking is included! I know you've been to Annapolis and couldn't find parking, right? Being able to easily pull into a parking place and leave our vehicle overnight was a breeze.

  • Gourmet breakfast included? YES PLEASE! Breakfast included Belgian waffles, fresh fruit, sausage, and more. Want something different? The fridges are stocked with yogurts, fruit cups, and more.

  • The details were an added bonus! Each home in Gibson's Lodging of Annapolis boasts a kitchenette fully stocked with water, sodas, snacks, coffee and tea, and more. It was so easy to grab a cup of tea as we were heading out for a morning walk. Around the common areas of each house, you could find bowls of candy in case your sweet tooth gets the best of you.

We had so much fun exploring Annapolis like tourists. Walking everywhere, enjoying the people watching, amazing restaurants, and fantastic libations. It was the perfect break from parenting, the perfect opportunity to reconnect. You should plan a staycation too! Grab your partner, or just a girlfriend, even your mom or your sister.

Book your stay at Gibson's Lodging of Annapolis! Use Promo Code visitannapolis and receive 30% off bookings. Eligible for stays May 1 - August 31 and November 30 - December 31.

The author was hosted in exchange for this review. All opinions are her own.



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