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Help Artsy Partsy Give Back to Peru

By Katy Agro Myers

If you've ever met Ms. Jeannette from Artsy Partsy, you've probably been welcomed instantly into her "family". Ms. Jeannette makes everyone feel like family. She's not only passionate about art and teaching art to children, she's passionate about giving back. Ms. Jeannette is heavily involved in her church community and supports many other community organizations!

This fall, Ms. Jeannette is heading to Peru on a mission trip with Wells of Living Water International. The Wells of Living Water International Foundation is on a mission to "meet both the physical and spiritual needs of people through the drilling and maintenance of water wells and other types of humanitarian aid to communities in need worldwide." But if you know Ms. Jeannette, just going on this mission trip isn't enough. Ms. Jeannette wants to do MORE! And we can help!

Donate Summer Shoes

As you are cleaning out those summer closets and making the transition to fall clothing and shoes, grab up all your old kids' summer shoes and bring them to Artsy Partsy! Ms. Jeannette will be taking suitcases FULL of old shoes for the children of Peru.

FREE Fundraiser Paint Night For Peru

Join Ms. Jeannette for this free paint night event. We are painting an adorable llama. While this is a free event, we are asking everyone to bring a monetary donation which will help the people of Peru during Ms. Jeannette's trip there next month. We are excited to see you all there!



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