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Happy Birthday To the Boy Who Made Me A Mom

Ten years ago today, I was uncomfortable and anxious. Actually, those are total understatements. I was nine days overdue with my first child, and I had no idea what to expect. I had been working at home for almost three weeks. My mom would take me on long walks every day. Through every aisle at Target, around the neighborhood, everywhere. I ate spicy food, I drank raspberry leaf tea, I bounced on a yoga ball. He didn't budge. He was just as happy as can be staying in my belly.

Eventually, my water broke that evening and after 18 hours of labor and him being stuck crookedly in my birth canal, I had a c-section and met my first child. I was instantly in love although I didn't get to hold him for another couple of hours. I loved seeing his daddy hold him and fall in love too.

Navigating those early days was both wondrous and terrifying. Navigating these 10-almost 11-year-old days-equally wondrous and terrifying. There are new topics to cover, new restrictions to put in place. I'm no longer worried he'll put his fingers in the electric socket, but I am worried he might try to ride his hoverboard down the stairs.

He is smart, a creative problem solver, a loophole finder, loves to work with his hands, and can argue until the cows come home. The moments alone with Lucas are few and far between these days, but I relish them. I love having thoughtful conversations with him and getting to learn more about who he is becoming. He's such a cool kid.

Parenting isn't easy-and we surely haven't gotten all of it right. I am so thankful for the mom friends we've met along the way, along with family who has helped guide us. Lucas has taught us so much in these last 11 years and I can't wait to see what the future brings! This weekend will be busy, but I cannot wait to celebrate my boy.



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