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Halloween Houses in Anne Arundel County *New Homes Added

By Katy Agro Myers

One of our favorite things to do each holiday season is to drive around and check out Christmas lights and decor. We make a night of it each year - grab some drive thru dinner, wear our pjs, take some hot cocoa, and head out to "ooh" and "ahh" over the decorations.

I know now that there is a whole group of Halloween lovers who get just as excited (maybe even more) about Halloween and so this year, we're taking our tradition spooky style to check out the Halloween Houses in Anne Arundel County! We've added even MORE houses!

To see everything in action, your best bet is to head out on a weekend!


105 Jackpine Drive, Pasadena - this one is super cool and all decked out with a graveyard, giant skeleton, and more!

200 Deleware Ave, Pasadena - Dancing ghouls and ghosts will delight.

Milburn Circle, Pasadena - find the witches dancing around the cauldron and the massive werewolf is sure to elicit screams of terror!

Neptune Drive, Pasadena - the bones are a rockin' in the front yard party!

Meridian Drive - closer to Halloween this loop is tricked out as Spookyville!

Tick Neck Road - there's a spooky yard to be found!

Glen Burnie

Point Pleasant Road - heading into the point, on the right there is a halloween house that will sure give you a fright!

2nd Ave, S (Ferndale area) - this one has motorized features and a giant train! Look for the pirates.


Jeff's Halloween Spooktacular!

Severna Park

B &A Boulevard - you can't miss the giant skeletons, witch and cauldron and Nightmare Before Christmas!


1115 Red Harvest Rd, Gambrills fun Halloween inflatables


12105 Tulip Grove Drive - check out this Disney-themed spooktacular extravaganza!

If your home has awesome Halloween decorations and you'd like to be included in the fun so more people get to check it out, email me at and we'll be happy to add you to the list! Happy Haunting!

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