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Grateful Hearts:

By Katy Agro Myers

Gratitude is an important life skill that we should be teaching our children from a young age! In this day and age, it's a tough skill to teach. There are so many materialistic things floating around. They are immersed in social media and YouTube videos and constantly wanting the newest and best things. They are so focused on the want, it's easy to forget to be grateful for what they have.

Gratitude helps improve our mental health - we've all heard about the Power of Positive Thinking! More than that, it can help improve sleep, self-esteem and confidence, boost your mood, and even your immunity! But how do we teach our kids gratitude? Check out this fun activity to help:

Grateful Hearts Activity

Supplies: construction paper, scissors, markers, tape

Instructions: Cut heart shapes out of paper, each night have your child write what they are thankful for and then tape them to a wall. We are going to do this through Valentine's Day and then see all of the hearts that we've gathered and all of the things we are grateful for in our lives. If your children are too little to write (or they just don't like it), have them draw a picture of their gratitude item.

I can't wait to show you what our wall looks like at the end of the week!

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