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Get Ready for Summer Fun at KidStrong Annapolis

By Katy Agro Myers

Hey moms, summer is almost here, and if you're like me, you're in panic mode making sure there is lots of fun planned to keep the kiddos busy and wear them out this summer! There is so much going on at KidStrong Annapolis - check it out:

What is KidStrong?

KidStrong is a milestone accelerator for kids walking through 11 years old. We help parents discover their child’s superpowers and build future-ready kids who are confident making friends, run the playground, and raise their hand high in the classroom. In other words… kids who will win at life. We do this by giving parents the tools to build stronger kids at our centers and at home:

  • Private training centers run classes with custom equipment and KidStrong-Certified Coaches for KidStrong members

  • Online Access to Experts and Training Programs for parents and kids to continue making progress at home

TRAINING BUILT TO EMPOWER KidStrong uses the latest research to help kids develop resilience, independence, and self-worth. We use our "whole child" curriculum and affirmation to help empower kids to be the hero of their own stories.

Summer Camps Now Registering

Experience Ninja Camps, Superhero Camps, and Confidence and Leadership Camps this summer! KidStrong has it all!

Host Your Birthday Party at KidStrong!



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