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From Your Publishers ~ Momming Matters

Hi guys; Nicole here this week!

I had a cranky, anxious day last week. One of the things that was grinding my gears was people (ahem, kids) being in my way. My literal way. Like, every single step I took, a kid stepped in front of me. I swear I almost lost it 100 times.

I was venting to a friend with older kids and she felt my pain, but also mentioned "yeah that doesn't change. My kids STILL do that."

We hear a lot about how parenting doesn't get easier; the challenges just change. And maybe in this instance the challenge doesn't change, but hear me out. In our house, we've been dealing with arguing siblings. Constantly. Arguing. Brothers. That. Just. Won't. Stop. We've been dealing with behavior issues at school, emotional tantrums, and arguing over chores. It's a lot of rewarding good behaviors, some time outs, loads of mitigating disagreements, and even more helping them manage their emotions. It's not easy. None of it is. And honestly, this part of the parenting-thing isn't even enjoyable. But as we were getting ready for bed recently, my five-year-old turned to me and said, "Thank you for everything that you do, Mama."

And that, my friends, felt like a million bucks. We constantly see memes and quotes about how much moms matter, but isn't it just so hard to feel sometimes? I'm here to remind you that momming does matter! And dadding, and grandparenting too. Those hours at the ball field, the endless pile of laundry, the miles in the rocking chair, the kisses on scraped knees - it all matters. Keep up the hard, important work, especially during these challenging times! xoxo, Nicole


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