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From Your Couch, 2 Finishing a 5K!

Sponsored by Rehab2Perform

New to running or need a jump start with your fitness this Spring? Try Rehab 2 Perform’s new Couch 2 5K Training Program! This is perfect for families to stay active together, beginners, or anyone coming off an injury!

The ultimate goal of this Digital Guide is that you not only complete a 5k, but for you to gain independence in your personal fitness.

Part of that process includes following the plan in terms of within-training-session goals, listening to your body, and modifying your schedule as needed to create a good routine. It is our hope that upon completing this plan you feel more prepared to set and achieve your own fitness goals by creating good habits and routines, and that you become a better version of yourself.

What 2 Expect

• A program that gradually builds up volume and intensity to best prepare you for your 5K

• Two-days each week of Walking, Jogging/Running & Cross Training (Details Below!)

• Increase your tolerance for being on your feet for longer periods of time

• Increase Cardiovascular endurance, and maintain or even build muscle strength & endurance

Get Started Now!



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