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Fake Friends and Avocados

By Katy Agro Myers

I know what you're thinking. What in the heck am I even talking about? What do fake friends have to do with avocados?

Well, actually, this isn't a story about fake friends. It's a story about REAL friends. I remember the days when my boys were babies and dreaming of all the play dates we'd have with our friends. I also remember the days when all those friends grew apart because they were consumed by their own new momming experience. We were just in different places. It was pretty lonely. They weren't fake friends. They were "Then Friends." They were my friends then. At that stage of my life.

Occasionally one of those "Then Friends" comes back into my life. Right before COVID, the universe had me making plans with a "Then Friend". We met for lunch and both went into thinking, "ugh, why did I agree to this, what are we going to talk about?" We left 3 hours later both inspired and motivating each other. We still talk weekly - pushing each other to set business goals and talking through questions and strategies. Sometimes it's just one of us who is doubting our abilities and the other says "pfft, you've got this, go after your dreams, girl!"

Last week, I randomly got a text from a friend who was such an integral part of my late 20s. I practically lived with her for a while, but we hadn't talked in six years! We met up for dinner and when she walked in the door - I felt like someone should have been there to film us running to each other with a big hug. Insert sappy love story music here. We spent hours catching up - but then just picking up where we just left off. The restaurant was literally stacking chairs around us and we couldn't stop talking.

I was telling my mom last night about the moms in my community - how we exchange funny texts. Memes, venting about our children, venting about our husbands. Pictures of us drinking wine on a Wednesday just because. That I'm so grateful to know in that very moment there's someone out there who can commiserate or laugh with me. Someone that would cry with me at the drop of a hat if I needed that too. My heart is full knowing I have some badasses in my corner and in my heart.

She told me a story about her friends. That she was having lunch with them a few weeks ago and she told her friend, "Miriam, I'm grateful for you because you gave me avocados." Her friends all giggled and wondered what in the heck she was talking about. Apparently, my mom was once complaining about her inability to buy avocados at the perfect ripeness and Miriam told her "you don't have to! Buy them and put them in a bag and they will ripen."

My mom said, "the point of my story is you learn allllll the things you need to know from having good girlfriends."

I'm thankful for mine, that's for sure! Be sure to tell your friends you love them today.





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