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Extra Snuggles ~ A Note from Katy

By Katy Agro Myers

Typically, I avoid the news. Over the last few years, I've become mentally exhausted by the same stories over and over. The doom that has been Covid statistics, the stories of the heartbreak throughout the world, the quarreling leadership of our country. In an effort to protect my own energy and mental health, well, I've just buried my head in the sand.

The tragedy in Uvalde, TX this week, has left me (and I'm sure you) reeling. Once upon a time, I had life goals to enter politics. To be a changemaker in our world. You know how it goes, the starry-eyed teenager dreams before you really understand how the world works. As I grew older and saw what being a lawmaker in our country meant-I tapped out. At this point in my life, I try to avoid politics. In my writings here, I avoid politics. My parents always told me that you don't discuss politics, religion, or money. But. Enough is enough. Our leaders need to do better. Our children NEED you to do better. Period.

As we woke Wednesday to the emerging details of the mass shooting, I was filled with a dichotomy of feelings. My 2nd graders were excited to be headed off to their very first elementary school field trip. I was both grateful and fearful they would not be in school for the day. I was relieved that I would get the chance to be with them on their field trip and spend the day exploring a local park with their classmates and friends. My heart was heavy thinking of the children that would never again go on field trips. Of the parents and teachers that love them.

Yesterday, I read this interview of a teacher that was inside the school during those horrendous moments. To hear her first-hand account of all that she did to not only keep her students safe but to reassure them that they were loved in those moments of terror. Our teachers are heroes. They have worked so very hard over the last few years. I've seen my own children prosper again this year with in-person education. And there is no doubt in my mind that in similar circumstances, they would shroud my children in both love and protection. For that, there is just not enough gratitude in the world.

Last night at bedtime, Brennan asked me to stay just a little longer for extra snuggles. I pulled his little body to mine and held him close. This morning, instead of finishing this newsletter, Avery asked for extra snuggles. Lucas stopped on the way out the door for one more hug. I'm not sure if they need it or they just happen to realize that I need it. Today I will hug them extra long. I will hold them if they let me. I will hold them for the parents whose arms are empty. I will say a prayer for the families and school families who are planning funerals instead of MDW cookouts. May God comfort them and hold them close in the coming weeks. May the leaders of our country WAKE UP and MAKE CHANGE.

I hope you all get some extra snuggles and hugs this weekend too. I know all of our hearts are heavy.



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