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Embrace the Chaos ~ A Note From Katy

By Katy Agro Myers

This picture made me laugh because this is exactly what my life feels like in this very moment. It's not my desk that looks like this because I'm currently working at the kitchen table. My office has become my bedroom - with a mattress thrown on the floor like I'm in college again. We are in the midst of major construction again and the second floor of our house is in complete disrepair. Although our contractors try, the dust and debris have traveled through the whole house and I've basically given up on trying to wrangle it in.

We are stressed. Our kids are stressed. Even the dog is stressed. And we probably have another two weeks to go!

I used to thrive in chaos. I described my work style as organized chaos - but that doesn't work anymore. I have limited time to get actual work and housework done each day and I have to block out everything else and just crank it out. I'm trying to create a routine and positive attitude for my kids but it doesn't always work of course.

So this week-we're past the mid-way point (I HOPE!) and I'm looking forward to the completion. I will love being in love with my master bedroom and bathroom instead of being embarrassed by its design. (Let's just say when we met all the neighbors they said, "You bought the boom boom house?") I'm looking forward to the quiet workdays again, the clean house, and sleeping on a real bed instead of the floor. (I'm too old for this crap).

And until then, I will try to embrace the chaos! Just two more weeks. I hope you do too!





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