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Charm City Run Mighty Milers Youth Training Comes to Annapolis

The Mighty Milers youth program started 12 years ago in the Catonsville, MD area by a group of parents with a passion for running and the program continues to grow every year and every season.

Charm City Run's Mighty Milers serves kids from second through eighth grade. The program welcomes all kids who want to run, whether they have never run or have years of experience. The coaches challenge them on their own personal level to teach them everything they will need in order to be a successful runner. Mighty Milers will cover a range of skills: from the basics of drills and stretching, to the more advanced movements of speed work and strength training. The program has a few simple goals: improve fitness, improve as runners, make friends, and learn that running is fun! It is challenging, but whether it's on the track, on a trail, or playing a game, the kids have a lot of fun!

Join our Charm City Run's Mighty Milers Group here in Annapolis starting April 5! We will get your children running this spring. Regardless if they are racing this spring or not - they will enjoy a consistent running routine with a supportive group of friends and coaches! Parents can register at:



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