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Celebrate Family Fun Month With These Inexpensive Ideas

By: Katy Agro Myers

July is Family Fun Month - which means - you need to get out and have some fun! If you've been following along on our Instagram and Facebook, you might have seen that we're over here tackling our Summer Bucket List. BUT we've been leaving time for some spontaneity too and finding time to slow down and make some memories. So here are 5 Inexpensive Family Fun Ideas you can easily do in July.

Go Crabbing

Last Sunday, we woke up at 5am and set off to crab. We are so lucky because my parents live on the water so we can crab at their house. We baited all our lines with chicken necks, pulled two crabs out of the traps, and said patiently waiting. We never got a single bite. Not one! But, we made memories squealing at the chicken necks, trying to get the crabs in the live box, and just sitting together watching the sunrise. Don't have access to a pier? HERE's a list of public fishing/crabbing piers!

Camp in the Backyard

My boys are super excited to have a sleepover this weekend with a few of our friends. Even better, my husband is planning to set up the tent outside so they all can camp out. The kids are so excited, when I picked the twins up from soccer camp today, I heard Avery whisper, "just two more days until the campout!"

Hit Up A Park

Our power was out on Wednesday morning so we decided to hit up our favorite Down's Park. We visited the fish in the Mother's Garden, sat on the Wishing Bench, visited the Aviary, walked along the bay front, played on the playground, and wandered down the fishing pier. We even spotted a stingray! We did a lot in just a little time and everyone had big smiles on their sweaty faces when we left.

Blind Taste Test Game

A couple of months ago, I set up a blind drink taste test for my kids. I cut holes in a box for straws and put cups of drinks inside so they couldn't see. They had SO much fun! You can see the photos HERE. They've been begging to do it again, I'm thinking I might try this time with foods. Or even things they need to touch! Maybe a stuffed animal, peeled grapes, cold noodles, feathers, or even legos!

Have a Picnic

My kids LOVE picnics! Even if it's in the backyard - they get so excited to eat outside. We've taken picnics to the park, community pool, and even to Daddy's work during lunch to eat with him. It doesn't have to be fancy and elaborate - just pack up your dinner and a blanket and head on out!

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