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Birthday Party is a Bullseye at ChillAxes

By Katy Agro Myers

Last year, for Lucas' 11th birthday we started a new tradition. Instead of having a "birthday party" we just grabbed a few friends and took him out to do something fun. I love it because it's less pressure, we get to enjoy time with him and his friends, and well, fewer kids to manage is always a win, right?

For a few months, Lucas has been begging us to take him Axe Throwing. When I suggested we do that for his 12th birthday, he lit up! He couldn't WAIT to try it. I reached out to Chill Axes. Let me tell you. This is literally the easiest birthday party I've ever planned. We selected the date and time and it was booked! You can bring your own food (they have suggestions of places that either deliver or are close by to pick up). You can even BYOB for those over 21. (There is a $5 corkage fee per person).

When we arrived, I was excited to see that we got to hang in the VIP throwing area. It was complete with some pub tables for food and some comfy chairs. Our axe throwing trainer, Max, gave us all the lay of the land and coached us until we got the perfect throw. He was patient and made it fun. The boys got it right away. We brought along our besties so the boys played on one lane and we played on another. The girls, well it took us a couple of extra throws to get the hang of it.

First we set up our names - there are preloaded names you can use, and I'm pretty sure these middle school boys thought this was the funniest thing ever!

There were different games like the standard board, then there was a bird hunt, Christmas tree game, and more! I'm pretty sure we tried them all. The scoring was SO easy and we all had a great time! Check out some more pics:

Our birthday celebration at Chill Axes was definitely fun for all. You can book them for any sort of event or night out! Girls Night, Guys Night, Bachelorette Party, Date Night, you name it! It's a blast! Follow Chill Axes on Facebook to find out about special events they host.

Lucas woke up Saturday morning and asked immediately when we could go axe throwing again. He really loved it! Chill Axes is now offering Mobile Axe Throwing!

We enjoyed being #hosted at Chill Axes, but all of our opinions are my own.



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