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Best Pick Your Own Farms Near Anne Arundel County

By Katy Agro Myers

I had never picked strawberries before 2020! The pandemic and safer at home orders had us going stir crazy and rather than trying to entertain the kids all day- or worse, argue with them all day, I packed everyone up and we headed out to pick some strawberries. We drove 3 hours round trip-and spent about 30 minutes total picking strawberries, but it was so much fun! Last year, we added apples to our adventure in September, and man, we loved that too! There's something about picking fresh fruit that made it even more desirable to my kids.

We brought our loot home and even whipped up some strawberry jam in the coming days (who am I?). The COVID pandemic definitely had a silver lining in that we tried new things to entertain ourselves. Want to pick strawberries this year? Or other fruits and veggies We've got you covered! 🍓🍓

Anne Arundel County

Eastern Shore

Southern Maryland

Western Maryland

Baltimore County

Get out there and make some great memories with your family this spring!

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