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Be More Personal With Thank You Notes for Business from Handwrytten!

By Katy Agro Myers

These days it's really easy to do everything digitally. Email correspondence, email invitations, digital birthday cards, email blasts, even gifting is digital these days! It’s super easy, but man, sometimes it feels so impersonal.

I've been looking for a way this year to bring a little bit of personal relationship back to my business relationships. Is it sending gifts? Flowers? Chocolates? It can get expensive. It can also be tricky because you don't know people's preferences or allergies. Or there's shipping or you need to find the time to deliver things.

But thank you cards in business are important. I've recently discovered the most wonderful product! Sending greeting cards in business can really level-up your customer relationship. According to their website, Handwrytten was founded to fill an unmet need: making handwritten notes as easy to send as an email. To solve this problem, the team would need to invest heavily in robotics to build a machine unmatched in handwriting quality and scalability. This is such beautiful music to my ears!

Handwrytten is personal note that doesn’t require me to go to the store, buy a card, and put it in the mail (because I also never have stamps at home). I love doing things digitally - just based on time. My boys are only gone from 9-2 each day which means I have 5 hours a day to accomplish a 40+ hour a week job, volunteer tasks, household tasks like laundry and meal prep, self care like showers and working out. It’s impossible to find time to run an errand like heading to to the store to buy a card to mail!

The process is easy:

  1. Check out the Handwrytten website

  2. Select your occasion

  3. Find the card you like

  4. Personalize the message

  5. Customize your font.

  6. Enter your contact’s info

  7. Hit send!

Viola -done! You even receive an email once the card is complete!

Speaking of occasions, Handwrytten has cards for ALL occasions! From birthdays to engagements, thank you notes, to holiday cards too! There are condolence cards, new baby cards, business cards and more. There’s even a Just for Fun category with some adult appropriate cards. You need a card? Handwrytten has you covered!

I don’t send thank you notes for business enough, but the ease with which I can using Handwrytten has inspired me to send them for EVERYTHING! I’m so thankful to our business partners, and I don’t say it enough. So this year, all of our partners are getting personal thank you notes. Sending personalized thank you notes in business shows your clients that you care, offers a personal connection, and reminds you of what is important. In this digital age, it could very well also set you apart from your competitor and help solidify that repeat customer.

As I’m organizing my goals for the year this month, I’m adding to it, “thank you cards for business”. I’m going to use Handwrytten to send at least five thank you cards each month. Handwrytten even offers subscription plans to allow you to send cards each month at a discounted price. I can’t wait to see how this will make a difference in my business. Not only that, I’m convinced sending Handwrytten cards will help me focus on gratitude, ultimately bringing more joy into my life.



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