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Artsy Partsy Now Enrolling

By Katy Agro Myers

Artsy Partsy is excited to announce new Art Classes beginning this month! Click the image below to see complete class offerings.


Did you know Artsy Partsy offers digital art classes? Our Procreate classes are perfect for the artist that want to create digital images and learn basic animation. Check out the links below to learn more and register.

Beginner: Anyone new to Digital Art should start here! You will make your art come alive using you ipad and the state of the art ProCreate app. Intermediate: This class is only for students who have previous experience with ProCreate. If you are just starting out, please sign up for Beginner Digital Art. You will make your art come alive using you ipad and the state of the art ProCreate app. Digital Art Club: This much requested class is finally here! Digital Art will focus on teaching students techniques in creating art using Procreate with their iPad. Students will make their art come alive using this powerful, intuitive digital illustration app.


We are thrilled to have Ms. Grace leading a new art class called Color Theory. This class will encourage artist to fall in love with color and all its amazing applications. From watercolor to pigments all things color will be explored in this class. Click HERE to learn more and register today.


Sewing is back in full swing. Ms. Jes and her 5 month old assistant will teach you everything you want to learn in the world of sewing. We have several levels of difficulty for sewing and can help you find the right fit. Beginner Sewing: We are SEW excited to have you in the studio! This beginner course will introduce basic skills of sewing by hand and by machine. Students will learn safety and proper usage of materials and machines. Each week students skills will build on what they have learned in the previous classes. Mondays 4:45pm and Mondays 6:15pm or

Intermediate Sewing: This sewing class if for students with prior Artsy Partsy sewing class experience.


We still have our fan favorites taught by Ms Kimberly! Teen Art Club Elements of Art Wednesday Elements of Art Thursday

Action Art

Mr. Josh’s Action Art is one of the favorites. Learn to draw superhero’s, dragons and all things action. We currently have a waitlist for all of Ms. Jeannette’s evening classes. Please join the waitlist to learn more about new session openings on Monday’s and Thursdays.



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