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Anne Arundel County Businesses: Grow With Us

By Katy Myers

Hey Anne Arundel County Businesses: grow with us in 2022. This is going to be YOUR year and Arundel Kids is here to help!

Here at Arundel Kids, connecting your business with thousands of locals in Anne Arundel County is our jam! You’ll receive personal service and community connection to make the most of your partnership. You know the saying, “people don’t buy things, they buy people?” Imagine that followers visiting the site click on your page and get to learn about YOU, your PASSION, your LOVE for Anne Arundel County. Do you think that would help you make a stronger connection? Build a rapport without having to lift a finger? Grow your business? If you said yes, then grab your partnership today! Email for more info!

Resolve to Grow Your Business in 2022

Arundel Kids is growing rapidly and these are just a few of the highlights after just one year: 🦀Social Media followers increased to over 4,600. 🦀Monthly newsletter launched with an average 73% open rate. 🦀Featured more than 370 businesses in our local guides.

Now is the time to hop on board with Arundel Kids.

Reach thousands in Anne Arundel County.

Marketing Options

Arundel Kids offers a wide variety of advertising packages to help your business reach thousands of subscribers. With flexible options and affordable pricing, we’ve got just what your business needs! Email today for available packages and take advantage of our early bird pricing!



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