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5 Spring Cleaning Jobs Your Kids Can Do

By Katie Quataert

Has anyone else gotten the spring cleaning bug? It can't be just me! Check out our tips to make it a fun job for the entire family.

Step one. Turn on some fun, upbeat music to get your kids pumped and in the mood! (Bonus: it gets you in the mood to clean, too!)

Step two. Now that they’re ready, put them to work! Here are 5 spring cleaning ideas they can help with!

Windows & Mirrors

Teach your kids how to ‘wax on, wax off’ for cleaning all those windows and mirrors! This will help them learn to (and practice how to) follow directions and pay attention to small details!


Expiration Date Checker

Let them go through the refrigerator and pantry and chuck any products that are expired. This will help them with reading dates, paying attention to details, and learning what can and cannot be recycled!


Sock Matching Competition

May the best matcher win - pull all the socks from all the drawers into a pile on the floor. Begin matching them up! Only the matched up socks are worthy of being put back in the drawer, so teach your children how to roll and/or fold them appropriately and ditch all the ones without matches - either donate them or keep them in a separate box to be used for other chores, crafts or projects around the house!


Toy Sorting

What better time than now to have your kids go through their own toys and decide what they’d like to keep and what they’d like to donate? Once they have sorted through what will stay and what will go, give them transparent covered storage bins to sort them. They’re stackable, take up little space, and your children will (hopefully) be more likely to put their toys away when they’re done playing with them if they have a designated spot to go!


Hold A Garage Sale

This one can be *very* fun for children. Once they’ve finished going through the house and sorting through items to keep and items to get rid of, they can place their unwanted items in a garage sale to make some money!




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