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43 Playgrounds in Anne Arundel County

What better way to have an old fashioned Summer than to enjoy a morning or afternoon playing on the playground! We have rounded up a list of some of the best playgrounds in Anne Arundel County for you here!

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  • 5th Street Playground, 5th Street and Severn Avenue, Annapolis

  • Annapolis Downtown Playground, Compromise Street and Newman Street, Annapolis

  • Annapolis Library Playground, 1410 West Street, Annapolis

  • Annapolis Walk Community Park, 1701 Belle Drive, Annapolis

  • Annapolis Street Playground, Annapolis and Monterey Avenue, Annapolis

  • Archstone Playground, South Cherry Grove Ave, Annapolis

  • Arundel on the Bay Playground, 3504 Newport, Annapolis

  • Bates Athletic Complex, 935 Spa Road, Annapolis

  • Bates Middle School & Maryland Hall for the Arts, 298 Smith Avenue, Annapolis

  • Bestgate Park, 814 Bestgate Road, Annapolis

  • Broadneck Park, 618 Broadneck Road, Arnold

  • Chambers Park, Dorsey Avenue & Kirby Lane, Annapolis

  • Chester Avenue Playground, 215 Chester Avenue, Annapolis

  • Coconut Joe's, 48 S River Rd S, Edgewater

  • Colonial Nursery School/EUMC Community Playground, 152 Jefferson Street, Annapolis

  • Compromise and Newman, Compromise Street and Newman, Annapolis

  • Farragut Court Playground, Farragut Court and Hilltop Lane, Annapolis

  • Greenbury Road and Bullard Blvd., 1 Greenbury Point Road, Annapolis

  • Hillsmere Shores Beach and Playground, Hillsmere Drive, Annapolis

  • Kingsport Recreation Area, 900 Childs Point Road Annapolis

  • Kingsport Park, Bywater Road & Annapolitan Lane, Annapolis

  • Loch Haven Park, 880 Lochhaven Road, Edgewater

  • Mago Vista Park, 832 Mago Vista Park, Arnold

  • Naval Academy Playground, Route 450 at Naval Academy Gate 8, Annapolis, MD

  • "Pip" Moyer Recreation Center, 273 Hilltop Lane, Annapolis

  • Primrose Acres, Garden Gate Lane & Edelmar Drive, Annapolis

  • President's Hill Playground, Jefferson Place and West Street, Annapolis

  • Quiet Waters Park, 130 Hillsmere Dr. Annapolis

  • Rev. Joseph J. Turner Park, 3rd Street & Chester Avenue, Annapolis

  • Ridgley Avenue Playground, Ridgley Avenue and Wilson Road Annapolis

  • Salvation Army Playground, 351 Hilltop Lane Annapolis

  • Sandy Point State Park Beach Playground, 1100 East College Parkway Annapolis

  • Spa Road Playground, Spa Road and Hilltop Lane, Annapolis

  • Truxtun Park, Hilltop Lane, Annapolis

  • Twin Oaks Park, 240 Penninsula Farm Road, Arnold


  • Bodkin Park, 8270 Bodkin Ave, Pasadena

  • Fort Smallwood Park, 9500 Fort Smallwood Road, Pasadena

  • John H Downs Memorial Park, 8311 John Downs Loop, Pasadena

  • Riviera Beach Community Park Memorial and Playground, 131 Meadow Road, Pasadena

Glen Burnie

  • BWI Trail (Thomas A Dixon Jr Aircraft Observation Area), 1911 Dorsey Road, Glen Burnie

  • Solley Park, 7535 Solley Road, Glen Burnie


  • Kinder Farm Park, 1001 Kinder Farm Park Road, Millersville


  • Linthicum Park, 306 Benton Ave, Linthicum

Have we missed any? If there is an awesome playground we've left off the list, let us know!



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