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24 Days of Kindness for Kids

By Katy Agro Myers

Tis the season for gifts, right? I can already hear my kids' constant chatter about what Santa is bringing. Even my oldest (who doesn't believe anymore) is talking about what's on his list, asking if I got the list, etc. I'm all for the magic of Santa and the holiday season, but I believe the real magic of the season is in GIVING. My love language is definitely giving gifts -but I'm talking about more than giving gifts, I'm talking about giving back. Giving LOVE. Spreading CHEER. Making someone SMILE.

So I'm going to help shift the conversation in my house this year with a 24 Days of Kindness Challenge that starts today. I invite you to join in with my family! I've created a template that can help you plan - click the image below and you can download and print too!

I hope your family has fun and enjoys giving back! Maybe it'll inspire you to perform acts of kindness all year round. Spreading joy can be contagious!

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