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23 Challenges for 2023

By Katy Agro Myers

Real Talk: I have no idea what my goals for 2023 are this year. I have not come up with any New Year's Resolutions.

I know they aren't for everyone but I love setting goals each year and resetting my life with new challenges. The problem is, I had some health challenges in November and I spent December scrambling to catch up on my life and get ready for all things holidays. Then the Sunday before Christmas, my husband blew out his knee and sent us back to square one. I feel so far in the weeds, that I can't even think of goals because I still have a million and one tasks that I'm behind on doing. BUT I bought a new planner. I love paper planners and calendars to get my life organized and I just bought the Commit30 Planner and it comes with access to their group. I've been looking in it for inspiration and so I thought I'd share the inspiration with you by coming up with a list of 23 challenges that you can do this year! Some of these are pretty simple - some require more planning. Check it out:

  1. Read 23 Books

  2. Perform 23 Acts of Kindness

  3. Save $23 Each Paycheck (or $230 and go on a trip!)

  4. Try 23 New Recipes

  5. 23 Minutes per Day to Breathe or Meditate

  6. Listen to 23 Podcasts

  7. Watch 23 Sunrises

  8. Donate $23 per Month to a Charity

  9. Walk 23 Miles per Month

  10. Purge 23 Items

  11. Go on 23 Dates with Your Partner

  12. Plan 23 Adventures (Think Trips OR Staycation Ideas!)

  13. Explore 23 Parks

  14. Move Your Body (Workout) 23 Times per Month

  15. Meet a Friend for Coffee, Dinner or Drinks 23 Times

  16. Journal 23 Days per Month

  17. Social Media Detox for 23 Days

  18. Give Up Sugar for 23 Days

  19. Do 23 Squats or Push Ups per Day (or Get Crazy and do Burpees!)

  20. Watch 23 Sunsets

  21. Spend 23 Hours Completely Disconnected From Your Phone

  22. Volunteer in Your Community 23 Times

  23. Spend 23 Hours per Month Outdoors

I'm excited to dig into these and pick a few each month to work on - what do you think you'd like to try?

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