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101 Summer Bucket List Ideas in Anne Arundel County

By Katy Agro Myers

"Mom! What are we going to do today?" "Dad! I'm bored, I don't know what to do!" Summer is here - and I bet these phrases are going to come soon too. Sometimes it's hard to juggle housework, work, keeping up with the laundry, meal planning, AND coming up with ideas for summer fun! Don't worry - we've got you covered! Here's a list of Summer Fun in Anne Arundel County. How many do you think you and your family can check off the list? Use our FREE Printables and make your own bucket list for each month!

  1. Go fishing at Down's Park

  2. Go rock hunting

  3. Go on a nature walk

  4. Blow bubbles

  5. Stargaze in the backyard

  6. Build a sandcastle

  7. Fly a kite

  8. Have a picnic

  9. Head to the Library for an Oceans of Possibilities Event

  10. Make Homemade Slime

  11. Make Homemade Playdough

  12. Paint Rocks and Hide with Anne Arundel Rocks

  13. Color with sidewalk chalk

  14. Finger Paint

  15. Make Tie-Dye Shirts

  16. Make paper boats- see if they sink or float!

  17. Make A Bird Feeder

  18. Write a Story and Illustrate It

  19. Make Friendship Bracelets

  20. Catch Fireflies (catch and release)

  21. Watch Fireworks

  22. Dance In The Rain

  23. Play Frisbee

  24. Watch The Sunset At the Beach

  25. Watch A Thunderstorm

  26. Bonfire and S’mores

  27. Watch The Sunrise At the Beach

  28. Make Wishes on Dandelions

  29. Climb A Tree

  30. Plant Flowers

  31. Jump in Puddles

  32. Plant Vegetables

  33. Go Cloud Watching

  34. Jump on A Trampoline

  35. Go Kayaking

  36. Bury A Time Capsule

  37. Visit an aquarium

  38. Go to a children’s museum

  39. Visit national monuments

  40. Visit Mom or Dad at Work

  41. Go Camping

  42. Attend A Free Kids Workshop

  43. Ride Your Bike on a Trail

  44. Go Mini Golfing

  45. Go Bowling (for FREE)

  46. Go To Chuck E Cheese

  47. Ride a Ferris Wheel

  48. Play Marco Polo in a Pool

  49. Run Through Sprinklers

  50. Water Balloon Fight

  51. Make Sponge Water Bombs

  52. Wash the Family Car

  53. Play on a Slip ‘n Slide

  54. Have a Water Fight

  55. Make Homemade Ice Cream

  56. Eat Watermelon

  57. Roast Marshmallows

  58. Eat A Snowball

  59. Make Root beer Floats

  60. Eat Breakfast For Dinner

  61. Eat Popsicles

  62. Help Cook Dinner

  63. Make Fresh Lemonade

  64. Make Homemade Pizza

  65. Drink A Slurpee

  66. Buy From the Ice Cream Truck

  67. Read At Least 10 Books

  68. Do A Science Project

  69. Learn Origami

  70. Attend a Free Kids Art Class

  71. Write One Letter Per Week and Mail to a Relative

  72. Play Hide And Seek

  73. Play Dodgeball

  74. Play Flashlight Tag

  75. Play Tag with Friends

  76. Family Game Night

  77. Play Bingo

  78. Play Capture the Flag

  79. Have A Slumber Party

  80. Have a Pillow Fight

  81. Host A Scavenger Hunt

  82. PJ Movie Day

  83. Start a Blessings Jar

  84. Make A Blanket Fort

  85. Start A Summer Journal

  86. Random Acts of Kindness

  87. Donate To An Animal Shelter

  88. Write a Soldier a Letter

  89. Make Cookies For A Neighbor

  90. Play Hide and Seek in the Dark with Glow Sticks

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