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10 Ways to Celebrate Grandparents Day

By Katy Agro Myers

Grandparents day is this Sunday, September 11th. Did you forget like me? That's ok, we've got some ways to help you celebrate! Some are simple, some are more elaborate.

  1. Give them a handmade gift. Could be artwork (hello, don't you have a pile in the corner that you need a way to get rid of?), a lego creation, baked goods, or just a card!

  2. Cook or bake something with the grandparents. Who doesn't have a family recipe that's passed down through generations? Make plans with grandparents for your children to spend time learning how to make those recipes.

  3. Take a walk. This is an easy one - grab those shoes and walk around the neighborhood or the park. This allows kids to just be with their grandparents and chat.

  4. Interview grandparents.We may know the story of our parents lives, but do our children? Grandparents Day is a great day for kids to create a list of questions - maybe some like "what did you do for fun when you were little?" "did you get good grades?" "when you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?"

  5. Play a game. My kids are super into games so this is something they would love to do with grandparents. On my husbands side, this would be cards. On my side, it would be a never-ending game of Monopoly.

  6. Learn something new together. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Maybe it's trying a new recipe, or learning a new card game. Maybe a magic trick! Kids love to learn new things -and if they are like my kids they love to "search it up" on YouTube to learn! Combine these and you have a fun activity!

  7. Do a Chore for Grandparents. Is there a yard task that grandparents just can't seem to get done? Leaves that need to be raked, seasonal clothing switched over? Have your kids pitch in!

  8. Have an Ice Cream Party. Everyone loves ice cream, right? Have your kids pick out cones, ice cream flavors, and toppings for a sundae bar!

  9. Make them a meal! Who doesn't love a night off from cooking? Get your kids involved in meal planning and prep and have them serve a meal to their grandparents. You can get creative and have them take orders for beverages, serve the food like a waiter in the restaurant. My kids get a kick out of this.

  10. Make a scrapbook. Grandparents absolutely love looking at photos of their grandchildren. Help your kids print and assemble pics of them with their grandparents from over the years.

Whatever you decide to do, grandparents will feel super special that you remembered to shower them with love on Grandparents Day!

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